Neighborland Makes “GOOD Ideas for New Orleans” Possible

Neighborland has been flooded with great ideas to help New Orleans in a time of rebirth. Over the past year, people have been sharing ways to improve upon issues and connecting with neighbors and community members to make a difference. Now, Neighborland wants to bring some of the most popular and important ideas to life, partnering with GOOD Ideas for Cities and calling this project GOOD Ideas for New Orleans.

They are calling on local designers, coders, artists, architects, filmmakers, writers and activists to participate in a two-month collaboration to advance good ideas for our city. Collaborators will be paired with a community leader that advocates for the changes New Orleanians support.

The community leaders include the Bike EasyGrow Dat Youth Farmthe New Orleans Food Truck Coalition,Transport for NOLA, and Broad Community Connections. Together, you’ll help these organizations advance their missions:

  • Making bike transportation easier and safer.
  • Bringing more food trucks to New Orleans.
  • Beautifying intersections to improve safety and foster neighborhood pride.
  • Educating people about growing, buying, and cooking healthy local foods.

Projects can by anything that provides real value to a community leader dedicated to the issue–a print design, public art, a physical installation or pop-up event, or a simple web application. Neighborland will provide $500 to bring each project to life.

Neighborland has partnered with GOOD Magazine to draw national attention to the work that will be produced in two months. An event will take place on July 12, 2012 where teams will present each of their projects to public officials, local leaders, and fellow New Orleanians. Registration ends May 10th, so register now