SEO is Hard #emotech

More and more companies are taking marketing (or at least parts of it) into their own hands, but when it comes to SEO, those same hands often get thrown into the air in frustration and dismay.

The thing is, SEO is hard. But just because you’re not a master of the craft doesnt mean you can’t have impact. There are plenty of simple things you can do to help people find your website through search. Here are a few of them:

  • Create a google places page for each one of your locations
  • Link to your website from all social sites
  • Blog – but pay more attention to what your customers want to read than peppering every sentence with keywords.

Speaking of blogging, use WordPress. It has much better SEO than TUMBLR or Blogger and you can experiment with different plugins that make it even better.

So there. You’re far from an SEO expert and yes it’s still hard but now you’ve got a good jumping off point!

Here is some good advice from Corey LaGrange and Adele Tiblier: