Software Engineer to Teach iOS and Resume Hacking Skillshare Classes

Software engineer Barrett Conrad and fellow Launch Pad member is teaching two Skillshare classes, one called, “Hacking Your Resume,” on May 31st and another called, “iOS and You Can Too,” beginning on June 11th and running for five weeks. He has worked for over a decade in the software industry and has geared these classes towards people with a familiarity with programming, but all are welcome (students are required to have a Mac computer with Xcode installed for the iOS and You Can Too class).

iOS and You Can Too:

This class is an introduction to developing iOS applications for iPhone and iPad.It will focus on using the native iOS language, Objective-C, and Apple’s IDE Xcode. Barrett will cover core concepts with the intent of building actual applications with attendees. The course will approach development with iOS 5 as a baseline and employ technologies, like Storyboards, only available in it. The course will meet each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for five weeks (a total of 20 classes), starting June 11. The Monday and Tuesday sessions will be mostly lectures with partial workshop time. Wednesday sessions will be hands-on workshops applying concepts learned that week. Participants are highly encouraged to come with a personal project in mind.


Students should have some familiarity with object oriented programming. The course will also require a Mac computer with Xcode installed.

Hacking Your Resume:

Barrett explains that unfortunately, too many technical resumes read like a list of top tech books on Amazon. The one and a half hour class will give a quick overview of how to make your technical resume better as well as share tips on how to make it better and how to make you stand out. Everyone needs a resume. Programmers and other tech folk need them too. Even if you’ve got a million pull requests on Github, or you have a better StackOverflow reputation than Jon Skeet. Chances are that you’ll need to show people what you’ve done before. Barrett encourages attendees to bring their resumes so you can work through it in the class.


This class is targeted at individuals with a technical background like programming, web development or IT, but everyone is welcome.