New Facebooks Apps and Features

Facebook has been in new release overload over the past week – with several new site features and two new mobile apps including Pages and Camera. Here’s the breakdown:

Pages is an app dedicated to the management of brand pages. It loads a lot quicker and is much less buggier than the standard Facebook app and the coolest feature is that it sends notifications to your phone whenever someone comments on your page.

Camera works a lot like Instagram (shocker) but allows you to upload multiple photos at a time to create albums – something huge that’s been missing from Facebook’s mobile app so far. The app lets you toggle between your own photos and photos by your friends in it’s own sort of  camera “live feed.”

Aside from it’s new apps, Facebook rolled out several new (and long overdue) features including promoted posts, ability to schedule posts in advance and administrator roles. Here’s a breakdown of how those work:

Promoting Posts
Have a big cool thing coming up that you want to make absolute sure your audience knows about? Promote it. This feature extends the reach of your post so that more of your fans see it, and if your fans interact with it then their friends will likely see your post as well. Currently there’s a $5 and $10 level for most pages and promotions last for three days.

Scheduled Posts
You can schedule posts to appear in advance of up to 6 months with this new feature, which works similar to other third party scheduling systems like Hootsuite or Sprout Social. The big difference here is the ability to schedule photos that appear in the timeline as full sized uploaded images as opposed to links.

Administrator Roles
You can now give people different types of administrative access to brand pages. This is awesome. Check out the chart below: