Local company capitalizes on environmental remediation technology

New Orleans has its many distinct smells: the fragrant aroma of flowers in the Garden District, alternating waves of fried food and natural horse musk in the French Quarter … and the potency emanating from the dorm dumpsters in Uptown’s University area.

Vice president Ryan Egle founded the environmentally conscious company with his mother and brother.

Concerning that last — residents who live near Tulane University might notice an absence of “eau de dumpster” in their neighborhood these days, thanks to locally based Eglé Solutions. The company offers environmentally safe and green conscious products that are customized for clients.

Founded three years ago by Ryan Eglé, the company began as a distribution company that provided environmentally sustainable products with the mindset that everyone should want to go green. After reorganizing the way it sold its products, the company changed from merely distributing products to offering integrated services in order to consult, train, and seek permanent solutions to fit the needs of some of the region’s most esteemed companies, including the Mercedes Benz Superdome, Windsor Court Hotel, International House Hotel, Louis Armstrong International Airport, The Shops at Canal Place, and LSU.

Now, the family-operated business is focused on helping clients be more efficient with cutting-edge technology and products, while being safe and environmentally responsible.

“We had to restructure the way we talked to people about the products, “ explains co-founder and vice president Ryan Eglé. “There were so many preconceived notions about the high cost and inefficiency of green products, we realized that we had to prove to our clients that it worked more effectively than what they were using, besides being cost efficient and safe. “

Eglé Solutions offers different programs that are customized to fit the needs of clients to help manage their facilities, specializing in Powerful Professional Cleaning Products, Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions, and Drain, Odor, Trap & Sewerage Maintenance.

With each service – Smart Clean, Energy Wise, and Drain/Odor/Trap/Sewer (DOTS) – Eglé analyzes the client’s current regimen and products, and, says Eglé, designs a program that uses more powerful and safer products, saves money and energy, and creates long-term results.

Eglé has also been sought out to provide solutions to long-standing problems. As was the case with Tulane University, which needed odor control on campus after neighbors complained about the leaks and smells seeping from the dorm dumpsters – a problem in the city that is not exclusive to the university. By building a system into the dumpster that sprays a patented solution throughout the day, the odors on campus and in the surrounding neighborhood were eliminated within two hours.

This month, Eglé will be launching a new environmental remediation service that will use innovative Bioblend technology to clean contaminated sites and further contribute to contaminated soil cleanup and coastal conservation. The product will also separate oil from buildup, without sacrificing the value of the oil, so that it can be reused. This will be the first time the product will be used in Louisiana.

The CBD-based company, which was founded in Washington, D.C. before permanently moving to New Orleans six months later, will be expanding to provide services beyond the Gulf Coast.

“Even though we want to bring on more national distributors, it feels right to keep the company based here,” says Eglé. “We have had a lot of support and success in New Orleans, and we are a family-run company committed to staying here.”