Rural Revolution launches entrepreneurial program on Broad

New Orleans-based Rural Revolution helps women around the world start entrepreneurial ventures using hand-crafted jewelry, and they will be continuing their mission this summer by inspiring women on a local level.

Rural Revolution is bringing its entrepreneurial programming to New Orleans.

In a continuing effort to empower women, Kendra Morris and Amy Barad are preparing to launch a local entrepreneurial program called Broad Street Beginnings. The goal of the two-week workshop is to help at-risk young women in the New Orleans community build sustainable businesses as a means of breaking free from the cycle of poverty.

Through a partnership with a local business development organization, the accelerated program will be giving women a comprehensive business foundation that will include management, marketing, and brand development skills in order to start and operate their own businesses. The program is part of an effort to provide clients with the tools necessary to sustain themselves, and will be open to young women attending the Youth Empowerment Project’s New Orleans Providing Literacy to All Youth (NOPLAY) program on Broad Street in New Orleans.

Through applied learning, each participant will have the opportunity to design and create a line of hand-made threaded bracelets that she can market, sell, and distribute, using the skills acquired with the program’s assistance. Broad Street Beginnings will culminate with a product launch and trunk show, where participants will be able to network and create future business relationships.

Rural Revolution is currently raising money to supplement the training program, acquire raw materials, hire jewelry making and business consultants, and execute each student’s marketing strategies. Please visit Broad Street Beginnings’ Indigogo profile to learn more or to make a donation toward the organization’s $3,000 goal.

For more information about Rural Revolution’s global efforts, visit its website or read more on Social entrepreneurs plan a global revolution from New Orleans. See the video at Broad Street Beginnings Campaign.