Silicon Bayou Tech Entrepreneurs Launch Stun Gun iPhone Case

Co-founders Sean Simone and Seth Froom, young tech entreprenurs from right here in the Silicon Bayou, have launched their first product, the Yellow Jacket Case. Yellow Jacket is a product development company focused on creating safe and convenient forms of self-defense for customers.

The idea for the case all started back in 2011 when Froom was attacked in his own home. He wished there was some way for fast, effective, and convenient personal protection that didn’t mean digging through pockets for a weapon or protection. It seemed so easy – to attach a stun gun on an iPhone case that would provide the protection many need. He then teamed up with Simone and the wheels started turning.

“We invented this product to prevent every day citizens from experiencing the violence and trauma that I went through last summer during and after the armed robbery. We are happy to be providing such a valuable solution and starting our business at the same time,” said Froom.

The case increases personal safety and iPhone battery life with its new, patent-pending design. It houses 650K volt stun gun capable of stopping and disorienting a grown man. Yellow Jacket case provides up to 20 hours of extended battery life for your iPhone and will be available soon in three colors: white, black, and pink. The case is also safe in your pocket. It comes with a rotating electrode cap and safety switch so the stun will not accidentally go off.

Simone and Froom launched a pre-order sales campaign, with a goal of 1,000 units sold, on Indiegogo. As of Friday, they had sold about 30 units in two days, said Simone. The funding platform has allowed the company to raise $2,792 with 37 days left. Pre-order prices are $100.00 per case opposed to future price $125.00 or more. You can make a purchase now here.

“The personal security industry hasn’t seen a product like this in years. The way that the stun gun is concealed while also packing a strong punch is just amazing,” said Billy Pennington, holder of 13 United States patents and owner of Personal Security Products, Inc.

Yellow Jacket Case is available now for pre-order on Like the Facebook page or follow them on Twitter for updates.