A Toast to Launch Pad


In 2009, Launch Pad was the first co-working space to open in New Orleans. With a focus on tech and start-ups, the founders of Launch Pad put as much work into growing the community as goes into running the bustling home base of the New Orleans start-up ecosystem.

When I started getting involved with the local community in early 2011, I realized quickly that getting plugged into Launch Pad was the most efficient way to tap into the broader network. I hung out at a co-working desk for a few months last Summer and switched to a permanent desk as soon as one became available on the first floor.

My experience at Launch Pad has been what I can only describe as a wild success. As in the broader city of New Orleans, the people are passionate, the energy contagious, and the introductions flow as freely as the drinks.

The co-working options in New Orleans continue to increase. Most recently,another downtown space opened with a focus on design, while a Broadmoor space aimed at social entrepreneurs is set to open in late summer.

I’d like to offer Chris Schultz, Will Donaldson, and Barre Tanguis congratulations on three solid years of growing Launch Pad into the nationally-recognized start-up and co-working hub of New Orleans.

Here’s a toast, in my most recently preferred medium: