BioDistrict Seeks Co-Applicants for Super Regional i6 Challenge

The i6 Challenge is a federal grant program that aims to encourage groundbreaking ideas to accelerate technology commercialization, new venture formation, job creation, and economic growth. While private corporations and individuals are not eligible to apply for the funding, BioDistrict New Orleans has issued a call for co-applicants which includes individual entrepreneurs.

The stated aim of the BioDistrict’s proposal is to create a more robust pipeline of new bioscience ventures in Louisiana’s Southeast Super Region.

Potential “Innovation Candidates” for selection include:

  • Technologies or business concepts from service-based companies, universities, research institutions, entrepreneurs or individuals.
  • Innovations in the defined area of bioscience, including areas such as human health therapies, diagnostics & devices, animal health, plant science, coastal restoration, digital imaging and e-health applications, bio & renewable energy, healthcare/bioscience service companies, mobile health, e-health, bioinformatics, and medically related food products.
  • Targets earliest stage of entrepreneurs, emerging companies, or technologies in the pre-company phase whose commercialization concept is deemed of scientific and business merit, but generally is too early for a traditional private investment.
As part of the BioDistrict Super Regional i6 Project, participants can expect funding of $25,000 – $100,000 per project for expenses with additional compensation possible for Innovation Champions.

“It is entrepreneurs in clean energy, medicine, advanced manufacturing, information technology, and other innovative fields who will build the new industries of the 21st century, and solve some of our toughest global challenges,” Erskine added. “The investments made through the i6 Challenge are translating into new jobs in every part of the country and in every industry, helping to make ours an economy that’s built to last.”

As stated in the release announcing the grant opportunity, “The Obama administration has unveiled several new agency actions to speed up the growth of young, job-creating companies, at the same time that new entrepreneur-led regional coalitions are launching throughout the nation. Last year, President Obama called on both the federal government and the private sector to dramatically increase the prevalence and success of entrepreneurs across the country, leading to the roll out of the White House Startup America initiative and the Startup America Partnership by leaders in the private sector.”

For more information, check out the i6 program FAQs here or contact the Biodistrict.