All About You: Sasha Hartzog

Meet Sasha Hartzog. She has moved around a bit, with stints in Virgina and Arizona, but has pretty much lived in Louisiana her whole life. After moving back here in 2004, Sasha took a job with a local lead generation company and began handling their social media operations. She was looking forward to a summer off until Not Rocket Science, Inc. picked her up and added her to their social media marketing department, putting her back into a summer work routine once again.

Sasha is now immersed in the world of tech and loving it. Find out more about her current position at Not Rocket Science here and on Twitter.

Sasha happily walks to the beat of her own drum, enjoying life listening to music with her dog Diego and beautiful nature by her side. She also loves dancing to live bands playing original music, and playing instruments on her own, both piano and the trumpet.

See how Sasha answered our “All About You” questions below:

What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

My new adventures with Not Rocket Science, In ( as their social media manager.

If you wrote a regular column for Silicon Bayou News what would it be about and what would you name it?

Well I would love an Ask me Ill tell you the truth column.  However I am no wordsmith and I shoot straight from the hip, so it would have to be a Do you really want to know the answer to that type of column. As far as a title: “Truth Be Told:  From the Farm.”

If you recently moved here, what brought you here?

I actually was born here in 1973, living and graduated high school from 1987-1991 in Newport news VA.  living and working for the city of Phoenix Arizona for a few years.  Finally coming back to settle down in 2004, just in time for Katrina.

If you could win any award in the world, which would you be most proud to possess?

Most Giving.

If you were stuck on an elevator for two hours, what one person (dead or alive) would you choose to be stuck with?

My Father (IMY).

IYO, which institution is most due for disruption?

Marriage/Family life.

If you had to pick a drink to describe yourself (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) what would it be?

Gin Martini straight up!

Tell us about your biggest failure.

My biggest failure?  Well I am not sure what that is, maybe it hasn’t happened yet.  However I feel as long as you try you are not a failure.  Only if you do not try or give it the old college try.. then right then that is failing.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?

I love Sundays, these are my lazy days.  If it’s summer you will find me traversing our property with my two dogs, Diego and Anika; while stopping for a dip in the creek.  If it is winter you will find me snuggled  up with Diego reading a good book.

Sunday is also one of my most favorite times to go into the French Quarter with girl friends for an afternoon stroll of shopping, drinking coffee and remembering how much I love New Orleans!

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?


If you could live in any other time period, which would you choose?

The Disco Era.

What are you most excited about happening on the Silicon Bayou that you aren’t directly involved in?

Well I am excited to announce that I just recently found your website and I am very excited to see all the latest tech ideas/inventions coming from our area.  And very excited to see you guys attracting more and more people to our beautiful state and lovely bayou.

The standard superpower dichotomy:

To make the mind healthy for all.