Highlights of the Louisiana Techart Kickstarter Campaigns

Mission to Print: The Art of Hotel Whiskey Tango

Ron Domingue has already published his first book, Hotel Whiskey Tango, for the Ipad. His goal is to take the book one step further and, “create a tangible compliment to the digital product.” In other words, he is raising money to print and distribute a hard copy of his graphic album.

Domingue said, “Much like a vinyl record, I feel there’s a link between the art, the format or design of it and the sensory experience we get when we take in that art.” The book is brilliantly illustrated. Domingue hopes to let people experience the art behind the story once the printing and distribution of the hard copy occurs.

With 35 days to go, the Kickstarter campaign is making good progress. Domingue has raised $1,672 of his $5,000 goal.

We are Cajun. (On est Cadien’.) A Documentary Film

Lafayette filmmaker Allen Clemens of Postage, Inc. has begun crowd-sourcing through Kickstarter to fund his documentary film about Cajun country. Sets out to find whether or not the Cajun culture and spirit is slowly disappearing. The film will be full of interviews, and the areas of focus will include Cajun food, music, dance, family traditions, and the Cajun-French dialect.

Below are the five goals Clements said are being used as the mission while creating this film:

  • Create a new inspiration for preserving the Cajun culture for generations to come.
  • Define Cajun and educate the world on its meaning.
  • Explain the differences between Cajun and other South Louisiana cultures in terms of language, tradition, cuisine, and the arts and celebrate these differences.
  • Debunk cultural stereotypes where they exist.
  • Achieve the above with the highest of quality as an archive in HD. A snapshot of the next two years in Cajun history.

The Kickstarter campaign has 14 days to go, ending on August 4th, 2012. Clements has raised $2,347 of his $30,000 goal.

The New Orleans Community Printshop is moving and growing!

Over three years the New Orleans Community Printshop had switched locations a number of times, holding field trips, workshops, gallery shows, and drop-in screen printing nights for the community. Additionally, the space welcomed hundreds of local artists and students.

The building in which the New Orleans Community Printshop was in has been sold, forcing tenants to move elsewhere. This was immediately seen as an opportunity for the print shop to expand and provide more services to the community. They now reside in a permanent space, a 2,100 beautiful building with a great landlord. However, the space is raw. They began a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to section off a space for a classroom, create a darkroom, install plumbing and storage, and more.

The Kickstarter campaign has eight days to go, ending July 28th, and has already passed its $8,000 goal. Currently the project has 172 backers pledging $8,672.

They cannot wait to say, “finally, the wall are built, the sink is plumbed, let’s start printing!”