Stun Gun iPhone Case Reaches Minimum Fundraising Goal and Will Begin Production

The World’s first smartphone defense case, housing a 650k volt stun gun for protection, will go into production upon completion of the Indiegogo campaign on next Wednesday. The Yellow Jacket Case for the iPhone is now available for pre order through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

At first, many doubted the company could reach its $100,000 goal. With 16 days left they had raised just over $12,000. Now, with 6 days to go, Yellow Jacket has raised $70,210 and is moving full speed ahead to get these cases into production and out to customers across the country.

The case is both dangerous and convenient. It is designed to ward off attackers, but many worry about the dangers of a device that you hold so close to your face. Inventors Seth Froom and Sean Simone have made it clear that there are exceptions they cannot account for when using this case, and have advised users to always be extremely careful because it is not a traditional iPhone case. The case comes with a protective covering for the stun gun outlet and even an external battery that gives users up to 20 extra hours of battery life.

Columnist John Abell spoke about Yellow Jacket on CNN saying, “we talk about, ‘there’s an app for that.’ Now, I guess, there’s a cover for this.” The case has also received coverage from PC World, Gadizmo, Mashable, and Forbes. It seems some are cautious and wary about the case design, but so many are also intrigued. There are currently 631 funders through the Indiegogo platform and surely more to come within the next six days.

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