Coworking Spaces Spark Innovation and Promote Entrepreneurial Spirits

Last Friday, Business Facilities ranked Louisiana number five for best business climate. Not only are state taxes and the workforce development system in place working in our favor, but so are the wonderful coworking spaces that enhance our work environments and promote entrepreneurial spirits.

Molly previously wrote about Twitter hashtags and search terms to use when getting involved in a startup scene in your city, including #coworking. Below is a bit of information about each space (as if you don’t already know) and one highlighted company from each that is doing big things in the Big Easy.

Launch Pad

Launch Pad is home to many startups and companies alike, including Silicon Bayou News. Creative professionals, freelancers, small business owners, and more grace the halls of the coworking space. You can check out all of the LP members here. Now with 11,000 square feet of space in the IP building, there is always something happening, a hustle and bustle of entrepreneurs.

The newest product to launch is an app called BarNotes. No, it’s not an app for those of you studying for the bar exam, it’s designed around cocktails — the art of mixing and sharing with friends. BarNotes is completely social. You can download it now or trust me when I say it’s perfect for New Orleanians. As Adriana Lopez wrote earlier this week, the app combines two things dominating the city: tech and cocktails (especially with Tales of the Cocktail happening now). The app let’s you upload recipes, see what your friends are drinking, and even snap pictures if you’re out on the town sipping some drinks.

The Icehouse

The Icehouse is located in a 12,000 square foot warehouse

Designers, media artists, entertainment companies, startups, and social innovators all work out of the Icehouse in Mid-City. Much like Launch Pad, many events are thrown on location to members can work by day and play by night. The actual converted icehouse is an awesome building where, on some days, you can see acrobats flying through the air in their practice space, so there definitely are tons of creative juices flowing through the building.

One of the companies working out of the Icehouse is Dukky, which helps businesses by using their “promotion builder” to increase sales. The are a performance enhancing company that can grow your fan base, launch promotions, and increase leads all at the same time. Dukky works with a range of companies to compose viral marketing campaigns, seen throughout the city and documented in these articles. Since its founding in 2008, the company has seen tremendous growth and will almost positively continue to grow.

HUB New Orleans

This workspace is officially opening next month, but Molly already covered the basics and heard from Managing Director Thomas Rush. This space differs from the others because it is the first “social venture” workspace and, not surprisingly, a project of Propeller (formerly known as Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans). Their goal is the same as the rest, put smart, creative innovators in a communal space and see how they can change the world. Stay tuned to find out what great companies and products you will find once the doors open in August.

If you’re interested in renting space at HUB or more information, contact