LTC Director Mark Lewis Steps Down, To Work for Simmons & White

Mark Lewis, Director of the Louisiana Technology Council, sent an email out to members of the technology and business community this morning sharing the news that he has stepped down. Lewis said he will still active in the LTC post departure and will be a partner at business consulting firm Simmons & White. This move will allow him to enhance his career in terms of entrepreneurship and business development. Simmons & White is currently owned and operated by Clayton White, an operating partner for South Coast Angels.

As partner, Lewis will be helping companies with challenges in business development and management, consulting, turnaround strategies, startup and bankruptcy support, merger and acquisitions, marketing and branding, and more. He said his overall objective is to help businesses grow with the help of his experience and knowledge.

Lewis worked as head of the LTC for nearly 10 years. He said he is, “confident that the foundation has been set for the technology industry to continue to thrive in the years ahead.” After all, he said, Louisiana has been coined the technology center of the South. The Executive Committee of the LTC will now spend the next two to three months searching for a replacement.