Social Business Community Peddle Launching in November

Peddle is a social business community and marketplace launching mid November that is perfect for anyone wanting the easy setup behind an online store. Peddle provides an instant audience and they do all the work for you, providing sales and inventory tracking, social plugins, a customized URL, and more.

When asked to describe the company in one sentence, Founder Rob Thomas said Peddle is a, “unique marketplace that makes buying or selling online a pleasant social business experience.”

He founded this company because he wanted to come up with a way for a merchant to setup an online store at a fast and affordable rate. Thomas is a Web Developer so he constantly received requests to develop an e-commerce site, but never had the funds to keep up with the maintenance until now.

Thomas said he sees the company, “becoming a great resource for the mom who  has a dream of turning her skills of making fabulous jewelry into a successful online business or the father who was laid off from his job and has to depend his carpenter skills to make a living.”

Thomas said the best feature of Peddle is the “Sale Floor.” It’s a live feed, similar to Twitter, that will allows merchants to “Peddle” products. “Imagine walking through a Farmer Market and there are store owners trying to get you to buy their products or walking through the mall and the store staff ask you to try a sample,” Thomas explained. “The Sale Floor is sort of like that, buyers will have the opportunity to “tag” and receive updates from their favorite store.”

Peddle hopes to see great growth in the next year post launch. They already have over one thousand merchants who have signed up on the landing page, which Thomas aid has been viewed across the U.S. and 38 other countries. Peddle has three team members and a contracted developer working on the back end. They have revenue goals set at $100,000 after 12 months, $500,000 after 24 months, and 3 million after 60 months.

Find out more pre launch by visiting the website, Facebook, or Twitter.