Shared Workspace Beta Launches Smartphone App

Shared workspace Beta has launched its custom app today, allowing users to reserve a workspace or conference room from the convenience of their smart phone. The app also connects users to over a dozen companies and headquartered at Beta, letting them email and reach out through social media outlets.

The app was described in a brief sentence by Tabitha Skrobarczyk from Beta. She said, “The beta app keeps our creative class better connected, and provides solutions for professionals on the run.” The app will bridge the gap between visitors and members, providing visitors a quick and easy way to reserve a spot and get in on the action. It allows users to be more productive by booking rooms and spaces more quickly than ever before.

The app was developed by Apptitude, founded by Chris Boyd, and has already been tested by Beta members before launching on the iTunes app store. Skrobarczyk said, “The process of creating the app was a lot of fun.  Our collaboration with Apptitude ultimately delivered a highly functional and an aesthetically pleasing interface. We could tell Apptitude has a passion for quality design which of course is important to us.  Not to mention, changes were timely, we learned a ton, and would work with these guys again!”

This is just one innovative solutions that Beta has come up with. They designed the app so they can easily make updates and enhance its functionality. Skrobarczyk said they are already considering apps as a solution to help streamline some of their other businesses, so keep an eye out for future apps from Beta and Apptitude.