Web Survey Company QuestionPro Acquires PollBob

PollBob has been acquired by QuestionPro, an online market research firm based out of Seattle. New Orleans-based PollBob was co-founded by our very own Zach Kupperman along with Ben Jacobson in 2010. Jacobson will now join the QuestionPro team and Kupperman has left the company.

PollBob specializes in online and mobile polling, with a user base of around 350,000. It’s a real-time, on the go polling system that lets you quickly survey friends and discover opinions. The company made its own acquisition recently by purchasing Mister Poll earlier in the year. PollBob is rumored to have received six-figures in seed funding from unknown angel investors.

There is a growing market for online polling, especially through mobile apps. This acquisition will help expand PollBob into Android and Windows markets in addition to the already available app for iOS.

CEO of QuestionPro Vivek Bhaskaran said that “combined, we think we can compete with the likes of Google Consumer Surveys. The combined offering can leverage the social infrastructure that PollBob has developed along with the B2B focus QuestionPro has.”

QuestionPro’s products are typically used in a business setting. They clock in around 2.5 million users, including larger, international companies such as Microsoft and Motorola. Bhaskaran believes this acquisition is the company’s entry into the social polling space. QuestionPro is already used in 40 countries around the world.

Bhaskaran said Kupperman and Jacobson have done a great job with the development of the app. He is looking forward to having Jacobson joining the team.

“They’ve done a really amazing job in the mobile space, and that’s why we picked it up,” said Bhaskaran. “Their iPhone app is really slick, and equally important they have a ton of users who are engaged in the app.”

For more information, visit PollBob.com or QuestionPro.com.