Gameloft Releases First Full Project Created in New Orleans Studio

Gameloft recently launched the space-theme, locally developed Cosmic Colony where users build up their colonies while defending against alien threats. This is the first full game to be developed in the New Orleans studio. The launch coincides with the year anniversary of the studio opening in Louisiana.

Gameloft has over 55 million monthly active users around the world and a long list of games the company has already launched. They have experienced success across both the iOS and Android digital platforms. They even have partnerships with big name companies including Hasbro®, FOX®, and Ferrari®.

The state’s digital media incentive program is also contributing to the success of the company. The program offers a low cost of doing business, making it easier to produce top quality games in the studio without worrying so much about cost. The company has received thousands of applicants hoping to fill positions in the city, meaning further growth for the company and the likelihood that Gameloft will continue to stimulate the local economy by bringing in top talent.

“Cosmic Colony is the result of the New Orleans studio’s hard work over the last year while overcoming the many challenges that are inherent with opening a new office,” said Samir El Agili, Gameloft’s VP of Production for the United States & Latin America.  “The game represents the first of many games that we anticipate launching in the upcoming years as I foresee a lot of new and innovating projects being released from our New Orleans location, and I look forward to working with our local and state partners to help meet that objective.”

Governor Bobby Jindal said he is, “excited about the release of Gameloft’s first project created in Louisiana, and we’re proud that the Gameloft studio in New Orleans continues to grow. Gameloft’s work in our state shows that Louisiana is becoming a beacon for the digital media industry, and, most importantly, it shows we are diversifying our economy in order to create more opportunities for our people to pursue their dreams here at home.”

Cosmic Colony is available now on both the App Store and Google Play.