Silicon Bayou Noted Again as an Innovation Hub

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Fast Company recently covered three innovation hubs outside of Silicon Valley: Silicon Bayou, Silicon Alley, and the Silicon Hills. Similar to another article which came out in July, Fast Company says Silicon Bayou is a contender to be the next Silicon Valley.

Conferences, events, coworking, and accelerator programs all help these areas out. Fast Company lists Cajun Code Fest, Idea Village, and Launch Pad as startup support systems. Brandon Oldenburg of Moonbot Studios, Jennifer Medbery of Kickboard, K. Taylor Beery (formerly of VoteIt) all get mentions for their work within successful Louisiana-based companies.

Once again Silicon Bayou News’ own Zach Kupperman makes an appearance. He is quoted saying, “It’s a work-hard, play-hard atmosphere, but what’s missing is the big exit–something that hits it big on a national scale.”

The Silicon Bayou is definitely an innovative hub that’s here to stay, but how many companies are going to expand nationally in the near future? Let us know in the comments which companies you think have the best chance at this type of expansion and “big exit” out of New Orleans.

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