Introducing The NOLA Meetup: for entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts

Brendan Finke and Joe McMenemon, co-founders of, are also launching NOLA Meetup.

There’s a new meetup in town: the NOLA Meetup, modeled after New York City’s own tech meetup.  Spearheaded by founders Brendan Finke and Joe McMenemon, NOLA Meetup is the not-to-be-missed networking event for techies, entrepreneurs, and aspiring businessmen.

The NOLA Meetup, which will take place on the third Tuesday of each month from 6pm to 8pm on the upper level of Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar and Restaurant, aims to provide a career and community platform created by and customized for New Orleans’s tech community.  The kickoff event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18th, 2012.  You can register for the event here.

Whether you’re a CEO or employee of a technology company, a web developer looking for work, a business in need of a tech service, an investor, or even a student simply interested in the industry, NOLA Meetup advisor and board member Chris Schultz urges you to attend the events. “New Orleans is fueled by rhythm and ritual and the goal for the NOLA Meetup is to be the regular monthly meetup where the whole tech ecosystem – founders, investors, hackers, enthusiasts – convenes to learn and help each other to keep building the NOLA tech community. We know that what will keep people coming back is creating a high-value event that’s well worth their time, so that’s exactly what the NOLA Meetup will be,” explains Schultz.

Each monthly meetup will feature knowledgeable speakers and presentations.  Additionally, as NOLA Meetup’s headline partner, Silicon Bayou News will provide a monthly “Bayou Tech Roundup,” an overview of the latest technology news and happenings in New Orleans.  Michael DeBoer, CIO of General Electric, and Jeffry Silverman, Partner at Laconia Ventures, will kick off the first NOLA Meetup as keynote speakers.  Silverman plans to bring his experience with New York tech cultures to the table while de Boar will talk about GE’s new Capital Technology Center in New Orleans and the company’s call for 300 qualified employees.

The NOLA Meetup is an incredible opportunity for networking, job seeking, potential investments, and most importantly, joining New Orleans’s rapidly emergent tech culture and community. “We are looking to connect the technology world in New Orleans by bringing everyone together monthly to share ideas, contact information, and most importantly, enjoy themselves,” says Joe McMenemon, cofounder of ChapterSpot.