Creative New Orleans Duo Featured in HOW Magazine

Two New Orleans based companies, SHULTZILLA and JAM Creative, were featured in this month’s issue of HOW Magazine. The t-shirt company and graphic design firm are owned by husband and wife business partners, Jeremy and Aimée Miller. According to the press release, the editorial focused on small businesses that were started in addition to the owners’ nine-to-five jobs. As many of us well know, most anything is possible in New Orleans, especially when it comes to fresh ideas and companies.

It’s safe to say the duo specialize in two things: being New Orleanians and creativity. They hope to turn these small businesses into full time projects in the future. SHULTZILLA was founded in the Fall of 2009 to bring funky New Orleans t-shirt designs to the public. JAM Creative is still new to the scene, but has already done work you have probably seen around the city. Founded in January of last year, the company does both print and digital design work.

The article is said to have been timed perfectly with the new SHULTZILLA website launching this month. The company does not have a brick-and-mortar storefront yet, so this redesign is perfect for on the go purchases with new setup for smartphone and tablet users. The launch is priming the companies for expansion throughout the city and potentially throughout the state, for now.

“As young entrepreneurs starting multiple companies while maintaining a regular full-time job, it was tough,” said Aimée Miller, project manager at JAM Creative. “We really love design and what we do, so it was worth it to us to brand our creative point of view with these two startups. We are finally at a point where JAM Creative is our full-time gig and expect to grow the SHULTZILLA brand with the addition of a brick-and-mortar shop in the near future.”