The Idea Village and the ULGNO Partner to Empower Women in Business

The Urban League of Greater New Orleans (ULGNO) and the Idea Village are partnering to bring awareness and empowerment to women in business. Tomorrow, September 12th, at 10:00 am at the Urban IDEAcenter (formerly the Entergy Innovation Center), the companies are hosting press conference to announce the partnership forming.

Speakers at the event include Tim Williamson of The Idea Village, Nolan Rollins of the Urban League of Greater New Orleans, and Lynette Colin of the Urban League of Greater New Orleans.

The purpose of this strategic partnership is to keep the phases of the plan to expand and support local residents in business moving foward. Phase 1 was completed when the building was built out, which finished in June of this year. Phase 2 comes from he ULGNO’s collaboration with the Idea Village, created to, “re-establish the EIC as the “Urban IDEAcenter” with a goal of solidifying and enriching the center’s entrepreneurial programming and reinforcing our collective commitment to empower communities through innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Furthermore, the first program that will be launched from this is the Women is Business Challenge, designed to empower women to “go bigger” with their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The ULGNO has been around since 1910 to, “empower African Americans and other minorities to enter the socio-economic mainstream.” The Idea Village is also no stranger to empowering entrepreneurs throughout the New Orleans community. Founded in 2000, and made an official non-profit in 2002, the organization focuses on finding, supporting, and retaining entrepreneurial talent in the city.