NOBIC Commercialization Team Provides Transition Assistance for Startups

The aim of the New Orleans BioInnovation Center and its team of leaders is to offer up commercialization services for research and innovation. They offer support to local life science startups and companies who need that commercialization transition from the lab to the marketplace. The team is currently made up of experts from a range of fields including technology, science, business, and law.

Growing businesses is a main focus, as well as working towards programming that will launch tomorrow’s best life science products from leading companies.

The commercialization team was assembled by Jason Doherty, Director of Technology Commercialization. The team is made up of top MBA students and graduate, biomedical engineering interns, a licensed attorney, accounting and finance professionals, and marketing specialists. says, “the commercialization group works hand-in-hand with local innovators to help drive new technologies down the commercial pathway. In addition, the team hosts a series of seminars throughout the year to connect life science entrepreneurs to leaders in business and government.”