A revamped WorkNOLA.com aimed at city’s growing employment market

In a collaborative project that has been undertaken by GNO, Inc, and 504ward, New Orleans’ premier professional job board, WorkNOLA.com, was re-launched yesterday with a revamped look, more services, and enhancements. The enhancements made on the site aim to help not only job seekers, but employers as well in an effort to help make the most beneficial connections possible throughout the city.

The site’s re-launch is fitting, as New Orleans continues to rank highly on several economic and business lists, and the growing employment market. In fact, in the latest edition of the Brookings Institute’s MetroMonitor released just this month, New Orleans ranked at the top spot in economic recovery among the 100 largest metropolitan cities in the country, placing No. 1 in gross product output, 12th in housing prices, 93rd in unemployment, and No. 1 in employment.  With the largest employment changes occurring in the education, information, and hospitality industries, the high rankings can be attributed to several factors, including the state’s strong business climate, low cost of living, new industry growth, and continued support from the city and state’s economic and political leaders.

“Greater New Orleans has been named the top growing metro area for employment,” said Michael Hecht, President & CEO of GNO, Inc. “WorkNOLA.com will be a key tool to help companies and people connect and take advantage of this fertile job environment.”

When re-launching the site, GNO Inc. also took advantage of the growing entrepreneurial scene and booming digital media sector to help with the new platform. New Orleans-based Cotinga Soft won the contract for the project, Fat Happy Media created the promotional materials and videos, and Search Influence will be managing the online ad campaign and search engine optimization.

Like a dating site, the online job search process is not unlike finding relationships, and WorkNOLA.com allows employers and candidates to match up according to skill sets and job functions. Job seekers are asked to rate themselves according to the skill sets needed for that particular job and are matched with other jobs that fit their particular skill sets as well. The new process helps make the interview process more efficient for employers and provides job seekers with opportunities they may not have previously considered. The new platform is also fast, easy to use, and up to date with the most recent job listings from throughout the city.

Other enhancements include a resume builder and additional resume upload options, video upload, new profile settings, a revamped listing process, additional search filters, and detailed company profiles.

Visit WorkNOLA.com to check out the new enhancements, learn more about the city’s growing businesses and sectors, and search the current listing.