4.0 Schools Named One of the Coolest Ed Tech Incubators Across the Country

Last week, OnlineUniversities.com listed the ten cool(est) Ed Tech incubators aimed at forever changing education. Number three on the list is New Orleans’ own 4.0 Schools a company and community of people working towards solving the toughest problems in education faced today. This list coincides great with the announcement of the new Ed Tech Meetup founded by Jin-Soo Huh, which has its first meeting tomorrow night.

Below is the introductory excerpt about the ten cool companies and how they are making a change for the better.

“While there are more than 7,000 business incubators around the world, very few focus specifically on education technology. In fact, only in the past few years has there been major growth in the number of these highly-focused incubators. Part of this increased attention is an outgrowth of a mission to genuinely help education. Yet these kinds of incubators are also thriving simply because edtech is a solid investment, as the education technology market is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. A handful of successful startups have already come out of these edtech incubators, but as the number and variety of these incubators grows worldwide, the ranks of edtech superstars likely will, too, which could have major ramifications for the future of education. Here, we highlight just a few of the edtech incubators that are making waves in the world today, a list that’s sure to grow rapidly over the next decade.”

Read the rest of the article here.