TribeCon is Back and Better Than Ever

The fourth annual Tribe Conference, or TribeCon as it’s better known, is a conference about the web and building communities is taking place this Thursday, October 25th, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm in City Park. The event will be an interactive kick off to the Voodoo Experience, which includes speaker Thomas Dolby, emcee Chris Trew, and booths from many local companies. Register now for free.

Chris Schultz has produced TribeCon for the past three years and he is even more excited this year to welcome those involved. It came together quickly with help from the Voodoo Experience team as well as GNO, Inc. as a way to finally connect Voodoo and TribeCon. Dolby will be speaking about technology and social media and then performing on Friday as part of Voodoo.

“Personally,” said Schultz, “My favorite part of TribeCon has always been using it as a platform to launch new companies and projects in our community.  We had Perry Chen from Kickstarter speak the first year of TribeCon before anyone knew about Kickstarter.  Neighborland launched in a public forum last year at TribeCon, and Robert Fogarty’s Dear New Orleans project kicked off an creative fundraiser with him painted gold on stage two years ago.  We’ve opened up an opportunity for a bunch of creative people to use it as a platform to launch this year.”

The event is free and anyone who attends will surely get a good laugh out of the event. Chris Trew, comedian and host of Air Sex, will be keeping us all entertained. Schultz says, “The TribeCon spirit will be out in force with Chris Trew emceeing and a showcase of companies that are doing awesome things in New Orleans. Chris Trew is a comedian and wild man, and I have no idea what he’s going to do, but it is sure to entertain.  Who knows, he and Dolby could be putting out an album together after this one.”

TribeCon 2012 Program Agenda:

  • Networking
  • Opening Remarks, City Park CEO, Bob Becker
  • The ‘New’ New Orleans: Digital on the Third Coast, GNO, Inc. CEO, Michael Hecht
  • The GNO Entrepreneurship & Innovation Opportunity, Launch Pad, Chris Schultz
  • KEYNOTE: Founder and CEO of Beatnik, Inc., Thomas Dolby
  • Q&A
  • Post-event networking & reception.  Free Beer and Jambalaya provided by Jambalaya Girl.

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