Election Day: How Tech is Changing Politics

Happy Election Day everyone! The Internet and cloud-based storage provide a way for the public to get a better view of the candidates in this year’s election. With social media and other technologies growing countrywide, it has not only become a mass communication tool, like the infographic from rackspace.com states, but also a way parties can send targeted messages to the public.

So what does this mean for Louisiana? Whether it is following along with the live state updates from the Huffington Post or checking in with the Geaux Vote mobile app, all information is far more readily available than it was four years ago.

Now more than ever, people are using Twitter, apps, and other technology to track campaign and polling news, and maybe even alter their opinions through the Internet.  Many have even taken to “watching” the previous debates on their Twitter stream instead of on live television. How do you think Louisiana is taking on Election Day with new technologies? Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to get out there and vote!

Rackspace® — Election 2012: Powered By The Cloud [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic courtesy of Rackspace.com.