NOLA Meetup Preview: IDEAxcelerator Class Pitches Hit the Stage

As the third NOLA Meetup rolls around, hosted at Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar next Tuesday, November 13th at 6:00 pm, we can again get excited about the speakers at the event. 15 companies were chosen for this year’s Idea Village IDEAxcelerator class. Three of those companies will be gracing the stage for “Pitch Fest” at the next NOLA Meetup: Education Everytime, Clothesline Software, and Traverst. Each company will pitch their idea to a panel of judges, just as they will be doing throughout entrepreneur season. There is no doubt this Meetup will be vastly different than the others and yet another can’t miss event.

Education Everytime, founded by Lorenzo Castillo, is an educational record label which provides high quality music and videos for schools. All material is original and has proven a great success in schools since 2009. The company was created in Houston to engage learning environments through music and has since expanded to New Orleans to be part of the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem here. Listen to some of the one of a kind music on Soundclound.

The duo with alternate full time jobs, President of Avalon Retail Consulting and President and CEO of Blues Jean Bar respectively, Stephen Fingerman and Lady Fuller, are behind Clothesline Software, a software company that more easily integrates information between retail and wholesale businesses. The software provides the digital ordering process that enhances the information exchange and relationship between businesses. The company is still in its beta testing phase, but are aiming to 1,000 subscribers by the end of their time with the Idea Village.

Fingerman and Fuller are excited to be part of the IDEAxcelerator class, saying the best part so far is sitting down with the Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) and learning more about being entrepreneurs and how to make a company succeed. “It’s like business school for the real world, and its an experienced that is priceless in its value to us and our company,” both agreed.

Last but not least, Traverst, as their tagline says, makes travel planning awesome. It’s an online platform that makes booking and planning easier, with a twist. Traverst connects users to locals in their destination areas who will design custom itinerary depending on the traveler’s wants and needs. Founded by travel lovers and Receivables Exchange employees Andrew Dunn and Natalie Greene, the idea for the company came after Andrew was planning a trip to France and was frustrated with the pre-trip plans. He reached out to Natalie who then connected him with her friend in France and voilà, the idea was born.

We hope to see everyone at the next NOLA Meetup on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 at 6:00 pm. As always, attendees will get to mingle, drink beer, and learn something new. Be sure to register on the Meetup page before you swing by Lucy’s!