VoteIt Announces Staff’s Last Day, Looks for New Home for Technology

News recently broke that VoteIt is winding down. Many of us are familiar with the online platform that makes group decision making easier, but not as familiar with what goes on behind the scenes.

However surprising the news might seem, the VoteIt team was already familiar with shakeups earlier on this year. Back in July, Taylor Beery stepped down as CEO. At that time, Co-founder Matt Wisdom said they had plans to move forward.

It appears, after discussing with stakeholders and the team, the consensus was that it would be best to move on because of disagreements about potential investors and the overall strategy and growth of the company.

The staff’s last day was on October 31st. Wisdom was one of the last remaining team members on board at the time. As far as we know, CTO Cory Fabre and front end developer Matt Shwery were also on board until the end. The company plans to keep the site running for the next several months until a new home is decided for the technology.

“While we’re obviously proud of the technology and the concept, and early adopters did a great job sharing the product, the sharing down the line as people got farther away from the company wasn’t strong enough to maintain a real viral effect,” said Wisdom. “We explored pursuing an enterprise sales approach, but decided that it would be better to move on.”

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