Popular New App Shows You What Your Future Baby Will Look Like

Real estate professional Ryan Lang has created and released an unexpected app, given his profession. Make a Baby lets users take or upload two photos and then combines them into one photo of what the future baby will look like.

Like many entrepreneurs, Lang created something that solved a problem he identified.  While playing with an app called Aging Booth with a few of his expecting friends, he said, “Hey wouldn’t it be funny if you could take pictures of two people and show a baby that resembles both?” After doing some research, Lang realized there was not a well done baby app out there to date. The idea took off and eight weeks later the app was born, no pun intended.

The app allows users to either take a photo with the camera (which is recommended for the best results) or pull a photo from Facebook or the phone’s camera roll. Since its release several weeks ago, Make a Baby is the highest rated baby app in the app store. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and will likely continue to be positive after future updates are released.

The app’s last update came out on November 8th and is now two weeks out from the third version of the app. The next version will have improved blending features and allow for easier social sharing.

The future looks bright for the New Orleans-based Lang.  He said Make a Baby has been a great experience to learn how the iOS development and marketing process works.  He is also planning to release a real estate related app sometime next year so be on the look out!

You can download Make a Baby here.