Startup Reminds Users of Childhood Game with Release of Spy Something App

There is a new mayor in town, FatMayor that is. FatMayor is a mobile gaming company founded this year that has recently release its first game, Spy Something. The guessing game encourages users to, “select, snap, and challenge,” meaning select a word to play with, snap your own photo, and have a opponent guess the word that describes your photo. The name comes from the game using similar rules to the old game, “I Spy.”

The Louisiana-based company plans to release multiple games throughout the next year in addition to several updates for Spy Something. While the company’s game is now available on the iOS platform, an expansion to the Android operating system may be in the cards.

Spy Something version 1.3 is free, while the premium version 1.4 is $1.99. Premium features include simple gameplay with the ability to play against as many friends as you like, connecting via Facebook, and push notifications.

Reviewers on the app store have said the game is addicting and a great way to relive inside jokes with friends. See for yourself and download it here.