1735 Lists Later, Shwery Finds Success with Simple List App

Interface designer and web developer Matt Shwery, previously of VoteIt, has created a list app with one major goal: it had to be simple.

“MinimaList gets out of the way to let you write your list,” said Shwery. “All of its functionality is designed to make that process as easy and simple as possible.”

MinimaList is available on nearly every device because it is a webapp. Shwery only had to develop the app once and just a few days ago made a layout update so it looks better on Android devices. There are no usernames and passwords with the app, only customs URLs which make your lists as shareable as you want them to be.

The app has only been around for a few months and already has 1735 lists and 3724 todos created to date. With MinimaList, users can add items and check them off, swipe right to check off on mobile (left to undo), double click to edit items, and click the trashcan or clear text to delete an item.

To get the app, visit getminimalist.com and be sure to follow @mshwery because he is in the process of developing another app.