Idea Village and Entrepreneurial Community Prepare for NOEW

The Idea Village sent out an e-blast yesterday reminding fans, followers, and community members of the upcoming entrepreneurial season and NOEW. The 5th annual New Orleans Entrepreneur Week kicks off in March, scheduled for the 16th through 22nd, 2012. Below are a few highlights about local entrepreneurs, and the movers and shakers we all love to hear about as we prepare for another great spring.

  • A recent CNN article, In Katrina’s shadow, New Orleans’ startups take flightKenneth Purcell, Chris Boyd, and Tim Williamson, among others, were mentioned regarding the booming startup scene in New Orleans.
  • 17 out of 29 entrepreneurs pitched this week as the Idea Village, in partnership with the Greater New Orleans Foundation, kicked off the annual Water Challenge. Five of those entrepreneurs and ventures will pitch at Water Challenge Day during NOEW.
  • Next Wednesday, December 12th, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm is IDEAinstitute’s Full Court Press: Media Training event with special guests Adriana Lopez of Forbes, Jordan Friedman of Bond PR & Strategy, and Jolie Benson of Jolie & Elizabeth.
  • 4.0 Schools turned 2! Additionally, the Idea Village is partnering with the company for the second annual 4.0 Education Challenge, “in an effort to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the education sector of the New Orleans economy.”
  • Kickboard has spread to 200 schools across 20 states. The company is still offering free Starter Accounts to individuals and small teams of teachers.

Watch the video below to see how the entrepreneurial community continues to grow and becomes more successful with each passing year.