Announcing the Plan for Launch Pad’s Global Network:

There were rumblings that Launch Pad was announcing something big. The news is here! In 2013, they are launching, “a global network of workspaces for entrepreneurs and creative professionals.” The goal is to expand and support other startup and entrepreneurial communities outside of New Orleans, in addition to keeping up the support for the local companies,¬†individuals, and organizations Launch Pad already supports.

Since 2009, 185 companies have worked at Launch Pad, 5600 have attended conferences in the space, and over $100 million has been raised. It is no surprise the Launch Pad community is expanding once again. will feature:

  • Co-working playbook
  • Workspace and community management software
  • Worldwide database of talent and creative professionals
  • Hosted events and event blueprints

Launch Pad also announced recently a collaboration with the Idea Village to produce the post-season of the entrepreneur season. This collaboration will engage and attract investors to New Orleans and its many ventures. See Chris Schultz’s Slideshare presentation for the full details on the collaboration.