Four Local Entrepreneurs Launch Indiegogo Campaign for Children’s Book

563597_134265420064394_1727419606_nThe newly launched Indiegogo campaign is for a locally written, illustrated, and printed book What the Sleepy Animals Do at the Audubon ZooFor months, four newly local New Orleanians have been brainstorming, researching and creative this soon-to-be published children’s story focused on the playful, sleepy animals at the zoo.

Ryan Murphy, Grace Millsaps, Alyson Kilday, and John Clark IV have almost reached their goal. All they ask is to reach $5,000 in funding so the book can be sent to the printer for completion. Ryan is an attorney, Grace works as a nutritionist and child development aficionada, and Alyson and John are the two behind the creative agency Hop and Jaunt.

All four wanted to set out to show the world what a fun-loving spirit New Orleans has and how it is a great place to be. It started out as a love/thank you letter to the city and is gaining momentum after the launch of the campaign today. As the Indiegogo page states, “Supporting creative and entrepreneurial projects in New Orleans makes our city a better place to live.”

Without even being published yet, the book was voted “Best New Children’s Book of New Orleans” by the Library System and NOLA Vie.

To contribute to this campaign, visit and check out the Facebook page for Sleepy Animals.