Louisiana Business and Technology Center Adds Four Companies

Louisiana Business and Technology CenterThe Louisiana Business and Technology Center at LSU Innovation Park has added four companies to its other 30 current tenants. The four companies added are DataClear Analytic Group, Impression Works LLC, Pojman Polymer Products, and Coffey Corporation.

“The LBTC is starting its 25th year as a university based technology incubator and has been recognized by the National Business Incubation Association as a ‘Best Practices’ incubator,” says Charles D’Agostino, founder and executive director of the LBTC.

DataClear Analytic Group

DataClear is developing a web-accessible software framework for planning and executing business analytics projects. They do professional services, cloud services, and software development.

Pojman Polymer Products

Pojman Polymer Products, LLC was founded with the belief that people should have polymer materials that do what they want when they want. People should not have to waste time sitting around waiting for a chemical reaction before they can do their work, whether that is home repair, applying patches, or making art.

Coffey Corporation

Coffey Corporation is a privately held design engineering firm focused on high-quality, innovative custom engineering solutions.

Impression Works LLC

Impression Works, LLC is a software development firm specializing in mobile technology. They help motivated, hard working people find good jobs and help businesses grow their workforce more efficiently.

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