LTC Member Launches Web App for Hunters

HuntSoftIn typical Louisiana, sportsman’s paradise fashion, a web application for hunters, created by hunters, was released yesterday. HuntSoft allows users to access and share maps, schedules, harvest data, weather, photos and more. The app was developed in Baton Rouge is available in beta now for free.

HuntSoft has only been available for the past couple weeks and has already seen an influx of hundreds of users around the state. The web app can be used by individuals or for hunting clubs to manage leases, hunting schedules, and share success stories. All user data is kept private, so photographs, locations and more can be kept to oneself unless the hunter chooses to share with connections.

Huntsoft is the newest venture for Louisiana Technology Park member and CEO of the web app Randall Nachman. “What better place to launch a hunting software company than in Baton Rouge,” Nachman said. “Never before has there been so much new technology development in the state, and Louisiana has long been known as the sportsman’s paradise. Even though hunting is a $20 billion per year industry, it’s grossly underserved technology-wise. With HuntSoft, we’ve combined a passion for hunting with over 15 years in the software development industry to bring hunters a feature-rich experience.”