4.0 Schools Launches Bay Area Cohort

4.0 schoolsGreat news! 4.0 Schools just announced the opening of the Bay Area Lab Cohort. Read on for more information about the launch:

What is the Lab Cohort?

The Lab Cohort is a six week, part-time experience in the Develop stage of our programming. Designed to help passionate people build fluency in design, iteration, and prototyping, Lab Cohort participants will develop the mindsets and skills to address important problems with well-designed prototypes. This experience is designed for those who want to launch innovative education solutions – businesses, schools, or internal ventures- that solve real problems.

Who is it for?

The Lab Cohort program is for those curious teachers, school leaders, students, techies, and generalists who see the potential for dramatic innovation in education and want to try their hand at building solutions. Participants have expressed a willingness to think outside the box, take risks, iterate, and adapt. We expect you to be passionate, excited to explore your hunches on problems in education, and aiming to use the Lab Cohort as a springboard to launching new solutions.

What you get

  • Skill development in design, entrepreneurship, and education
  • Opportunity to prototype solutions to solve critical problems
  • Connections with like-minded teachers, school leaders, and others interested in exploring and supporting education entrepreneurship
  • Dedicated mentorship during the program to help you through the process
  • Potential partners and funders to help you continue your solution after our six-week program

What you give

  • A commitment to continuing your work beyond Lab Cohort
  • A bias towards action and learning by doing
  • A bold vision of education alongside a few specific areas of interest
  • Willingness to fail and learn from it
  • Willingness to receive coaching and feedback
  • Innate determination to solve problems creatively

Join the Bay Area Lab Cohort by registering here.