Propeller Social Innovation Incubator Opened its Doors on January 2nd

Propeller IncubatorSocial entrepreneurs in the New Orleans area now have a place of their own, the newly opened Propeller Social Innovation Incubator. The incubator opened on January 2nd and is a combination of co-working spaces, open-area desks, and private offices to suit the needs of the 19 current and many more future tenants.

In addition to the businesses housed in the incubator, the annual accelerator fellows will also be using the space. The Social Venture Accelerator program runs for ten months each year, speeding up early-stage ventures and bring their ideas to life faster.

All of the tenants have one thing in common, they are all socially-minded individuals and businesses who, in one way or another, share similar goals. Andrea Chen, Propeller’s Executive Director, told, “When people get together who are like-minded, they get things done.”

Propeller says, “The open layout of the Incubator offers a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer learning and partnership. Co-working desks, a small-scale manufacturing and prototyping space, and a comfortable lounge and kitchen provide ample room for tenants to interact, share ideas, and keep each other abreast of New Orleans’ cutting edge initiatives.”

Learn more about the Incubator here and more about becoming a tenant here.