Introducing Louisiana Online Lagniappe: Companies Doing Online Marketing Right

Flynn Zaiger, Founder and Owner of the new digital marketing agency Online Optimism, wants to highlight Louisiana companies who are doing online marketing right. He decided to create Louisiana Online Lagniappe as a weekly column to showcase these companies. If your business doing incredible things online, email Flynn at and you could be featured on SBN!


You may have noticed that as the amount of amazing companies has been growing in Louisiana, so too has the amount of awesome things these companies are posting online. Whether it’s killer viral content, an innovative Facebook contest, or a beautiful new website, Louisiana’s businesses are constantly breaking new ground online. We decided to create this column to highlight the best of the best each week. Welcome to the first ever edition of Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe…which we most likely will never refer to as LOL.

Fleurty Girl

If anyone ever asks you how they should be using Twitter, @FleurtyGirl is all they need to see.  The account is active seven days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, even on holidays. With dozens of Tweets per day, followers get a constant stream of messages from the organization. Other companies spend thousands trying to get into consumer’s heads as often as @FleurtyGirl is able to do it for free, all because they take the time to do it correctly. Their Tweets are smart too: they respond to customer’s inquiries, ask questions, and maintain the tone of the FleurtyGirl brand perfectly. 140 characters is all every tweet needs to come off stylish, fashionable, and cool.

20,000+ Tweets and 12,000+ Followers. It’s hard to argue with the numbers. is a visually pleasing resource for locals.’s new website features the modern, clean, and informational look that a New Orleans news site should have (Sorry, but that beige is a little drab for our taste. Lighten up!) It’s easy to see the newest articles at the top of the page with large images, as well as all of the sorted content below. Plus, with the responsive design, the website adjusts to compliment the size of the screen you’re using, so it looks good no matter whether we’re viewing it on our laptops, tablets, or cell phones.

Curbside Burgers Truck

For strong online campaigns that reach a variety of networks, there is typically no better type of company to look at than a Food Truck. In order to reach as many consumers as possible (and make it easy for those consumers to actually find the truck,) the chefs / drivers / do-everythings have to be on a variety of social networks, and also utilize each of those networks as they’re supposed to be used.

Curbside Burgers is a food truck in Baton Rouge that is doing just that. Their stylish website showcases front and center their complete schedule, while both their Facebook and Twitter accounts are often updated with images and comments from customers of the (admittedly delicious) food. We’re excited to see the kind of campaign they’ll create when make their presence known in the soon-to-open Barcadia.

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