Schultz and Milton launch Kickstarter campaign for new “Mardi Brah” app

Two friends of over ten years have teamed up to create an entirely original iPhone game with strong New Orleans roots. Chris Schultz (and the Flatstack team) and artist Lionel Milton launched a Kickstarter campaign late last night to help fund Mardi Brah, a street-style punt, pass, and kick competition.

Lionel and Chris hard at work.

Lionel and Chris hard at work.

For years they had been brainstorming ways they could combine talents and work on a project together. Two years ago was when the initial spark of Mardi Brah came about after Chris showed Lionel another game on his phone.

Chris believes New Orleans has a lot of natural, creative talent and Lionel is an example of that. With his one of a kind art, the two were able to collaborate on a new level — Chris and Flatstack on the developer side and Lionel on the visual side with his hand drawn, street-style art.

Chris wants to see this app grow, not only to showcase their original work but to build New Orleans and Louisiana up as a digital media and gaming hub by designing more locally built games. With the Kickstarter campaign, you can help make it happen! The project will be live for exactly seven more days, so help fund the amount you choose before next Friday at 5:00 pm.

The funds from the Kickstarter campaign will cover:

  • Licensing original music from Nesby Phips and Flowtribe for Mardi Brah’s in-game music and soundtrack
  • Developing a line of merchandise that will launch with the game
  • Produce a video for the Super Bowl New Orleans tech and creative showcase
  • Host a Mardi Brah launch party in New Orleans during the Super Bowl
  • Hire a PR team to help get the story out

Keep up with the campaign and app by following @MardiBrah on Twitter.