SeNSE to Introduce IdeaCrossing at Next Social

idea crossingIdeaCrossing began in 2007 as a free online resource for those who promote entrepreneurial activity. The organization helps entrepreneurs find the business assistance, mentoring and investment capital they need to launch promising new business ventures. This Thursday, January 24th at 6:00 pm, SeNSE will be introducing the Baton Rouge entrepreneurial community to the IdeaCrossing, continuing to build connections to the resources needed to accelerate ideas and grow businesses.

SeNSE will be teaming up with Jumpstart Inc. CEO, Ray Leach, and VP of IdeaCrossing, Tiffan Clark, for this event. Jesse Hoggard said, “all who attend will experience how online platforms, such as IdeaCrossing, can improve connectivity within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and enhance and/or complete your fundraising experience.”

“Our first event of 2013 will provide real value to start-up entrepreneurs here in our ecosystem,” said Sean Simone. “For the first time ever, an online platform will be introduced with the purpose of connecting entrepreneurs with mentors, investors and service providers to help them accelerate the growth of their business. Now this is a SeNSE event, so of course we’ll have food and networking, but more importantly our focus for the night will be on providing valuable information for everyone in attendance.”

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