Multifamily Industry Leader 365 Connect Integrates Online Leasing Platform

rainmakerTwo leaders in the multifamily industry teamed up this week when online technology platform provider 365 Connect integrated its Online Leasing platform with profit optimization solutions company Rainmaker LRO™. Two joint customers, representing 50,000 units, will currently benefit from the integration, which delivers consistent pricing, provide reduced data-input error rates, and will improve overall operational efficiencies.

“The integration with 365 Connect amplifies the flexibility of the Rainmaker LRO™ platform and its ability to integrate with leading technology providers in the industry,” said Andrew Rains, Executive VP of Rainmaker LRO™. “As the only revenue management platform to develop these types of integrations, we are better positioned to provide the most streamlined user experience from the executive to the on-site level. We’re excited to partner with 365 Connect on this integration and help to better serve our mutual clients.”

After much discussion, the companies decided the integration would be mutually beneficial. President and CEO of 365 Connect, Kerry Kirby, is proud to be working with Rainmaker LRO™. “We are really pleased with the pace of the integration and are looking forward to continuing to add capabilities to the 365 Connect Platform on behalf of our customers,” Kirby. “The development effort was in response to clients specifically requesting the integration between 365 Connect and the Rainmaker LRO™ platform. I think that is a testament to the positive reputation Rainmaker LRO™ has achieved in the marketplace as well as 365 Connect’s drive not only to be responsive to the requests of our customers, but to make both platforms deliver a new scale of efficiency to the market.”

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