Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe Covers Some Delicious Internet Marketing

Welcome back to another edition of Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe, where we cover the best of Louisiana-based companies doing online marketing right! Our office has been having a pretty intense debate on which King Cake is best, which appears to have taken its toll on our column since we ended up with three food and drink based companies. Let’s see what they’re up to.

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum

Nitty Grits - Southern Food and Beverage MuseumWhile we do enjoy highlighting companies using traditional social media in great ways in this column, we’re even more excited when Louisiana organizations try something out of the box. The Southern Food and Beverage Museum did just that when they launched their new Nitty Grits website. It’s currently a very simple (and happily responsive) website, but the plans to create an international culinary dictionary are ambitious to say the least. We wish the website as well as those behind it the best of luck!

…and while we’re at it, we’ll also compliment their use of traditional social media as well. Snappy, often updated content along with online-only contests are a great way to keep customers constantly checking social media profiles for the latest information.

Your Nutrition Delivered

As part of Idea Village’s IDEAxcelerator 2013 program, we’d expect nothing less than smart use of social media to promote their products and services. Your Nutrition Delivered, well, delivers on that promise! Numerous tweets per day not only discuss the company, but also give other helpful nutritious advice that would be useful to their customers. Their Facebook page also posts inspiration quotes every single day, and makes the smart choice to do it with pictures instead of simply updating their status with the words. Facebook’s own website notes that picture posts generate 120% more engagement than the average post. If your company is trying to figure out how to get your page’s fans more involved, follow Your Nutrition Delivered’s lead and take a more visual approach to social media.

Naked Pizza

I’m surprised it has taken us three issues of Louisiana’s Online Lagniappe to mention Naked Pizza. From way back in 2009, when they received national attention for posting their Twitter profile on their street sign, to their continued intelligence when it concerns social media – Naked Pizza has always been at the forefront of making a company’s social presence all about the conversation. On Twitter they interact with customers, answer questions, make jokes with other pizza companies, and generally have a good time, all while making sure to maintain that brand tone and voice that is oh so important to a social media presence.

And the Lagniappe’s lagniappe

Our extra shout-out this week goes to whoever is manning the @KreweduVieux twitter account. After a dormant 2012, it’s come back alive with the sort of unprintable charm that only Krewe Du Vieux can manage. Here’s to hoping it stays active year-round!

Send In Your Lagniappe

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