Travis Laurendine Will Showcase CODEMKRS Apps on HLN Today at 3 pm

HLNThe man behind CODEMKRS, Travis Laurendine, is making headlines again. Today at 3 pm CST / 4pm ET he will be interviewed live on HLN’s Making It In America with Vinnie Politan from the New Orleans studio. The show often highlights small business and startup success stories, in addition to more recently featuring stories centered around the Super Bowl, now only five days away.

As the HLN website states, “Politan takes viewers into the struggles and triumphs of people who are trying to carve out their own path to the American dream, bringing in guests with diverse perspectives to make these journeys real and relatable for every viewer.”

Travis will be walking Politan and the audience through some of the apps created during the 48-hour hackathon that took place a few weekends ago. He will also be discussing technology for pre and post Super Bowl in New Orleans.

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