Ten Companies Will Pitch as Part of First Ever Whale Tank Competition

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 3.37.21 PMAs if Codemkrs wasn’t big and bold enough, Travis Laurendine is hosting another super event this Monday, February 4th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The event, Whale Tank, is an opportunity for early stage companies to pitch for five minutes each in front of an elite audience, many of whom would not normally be in town if it weren’t for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Laurendine and co-host Julie Hamm created the event to bridge the gap between this weekend’s investors, celebrities, and business innovators to the startups to, “give the weekend an entrepreneurial silver lining.”

As Laurendine told Businessweek, “There’s more wealthy people who are going to be in New Orleans for the Super Bowl than at any other time in New Orleans’ history. The next time they come to New Orleans, it can be to check on their investment.”

Whale Tank is backed by the Super Bowl Host Committee with help securing companies from Idea Village and help on sponsors from GNO Inc.

Companies pitching include: Enriched, Unawkward, Gentology, 2-cent, Education Everytime, Connect for a Cause, Traverst, budtobud, Mio 3D, and Tutti Dynamics. The companies will be presenting in front of investors and audience members for a chance at $50,000 (but up to $250,000 is available) from Springboard Capital Regions Venture Partners Fund and inclusion in their accelerator.

Additional prizes include in kind services from the following: Carver Darden, FSC Interactive, Carrollton Group, Propellor, Second Line, TrumpetForbes.com, and Dojo.

Whale Tank 2014 is already scheduled and will be co-hosted by Hamm and Laurendine in New York City.

More information can be found at whaletank.org.