Simultaneously Promotes Your Online Rep and Gets Your Questions Answered

PeoplegeistFounded by Darian Wilson, is a “social people search engine” where users can ask questions and get answers almost immediately from other users while promoting their online reputation . It’s completely free and currently in beta.

You can, “present your digital self to the world and interact with those who are most interested in you by adding your links and answering questions that others ask you.”

Wilson recognizes the importance of relationships and connections, so Peoplegeist is the natural progression of other digital profiles and networks. We caught up with him to learn more about the site. See what he told SBN below:

Where did you come up with the idea?

Actually, I stole the idea for Peoplegeist from Star Trek and then tweaked it a bit to make it do what I wanted. I always thought it would be cool to be able to ask the computer any question and get an answer immediately. But since Google already has a lock on that market, I started thinking about what the next biggest niche might be. Then I remembered Captain Kirk asking, “Computer, where’s Mr. Spock?” Turns out that people are using the Internet for two main reasons these days. One to get information and two to enhance thier relationships with other people through the use of social media. Peoplegeist ultimately is a way to share and receive information about other people for the purposes of enhancing relationships. It also offers users a better way to control the information that is out there about them by letting them create their own digital brain and search results. Finally, it allows users to ask questions and get answers about others that they are interested in, in a way that is not all that different than an old episode of Star Trek.

What’s the best feature? 

We are a very new site, so the vote is out on what the best feature might be. We will let our community tell us that once they get some time on the platform. I am guessing from early feedback, however, that people are going to like the level of control we give them. Members on Peoplegeist can control every detail that appears about them on their profile and within the digital brain that they create for themselves.

Where do you see the site in six months? 

I would expect that we would be ready to move out of beta in about 6 months. We want to give our early users a chance to go in and kick the tires a bit before we open up to the public. Anybody interested in helping us beta test the site can send a request to along with their Linkedin profile and we will put them on the list.

What else do you want people to know?

Almost every other social media site out there focuses on posts, updates, likes, and favorites. On sites like these, people tend to always be moving on, and sometimes it doesn’t feel like a real relationship at all. We are trying to build something a little deeper and longer-lasting with Peoplegeist. It is our hope that someone could visit your Peoplegeist profile in 10 or 20 years and still find the information that would be relevant to what they were looking for. Peoplegeist also lets you present yourself to the world in the way that you want to and on your terms. With Facebook and Twitter you only see people’s updates. On Youtube you only see their videos. On Flickr and Pinterest you only see their photos. On Delicious you only see their bookmarks… On Peoplegeist you see it all and you see it all in one place! That is the main power of Peoplegeist and I hope your readers will come check us out, try it for themselves and support this new social media site with roots right here in NOLA. Interested readers can also check out my profile or ask me questions at:

Check out on Twitter and register on the website.