Cordina Entrepreneurs Named Two of Under30CEO’s Most Influential of 2012

under30ceoNew Orleans is already on the map as a hub for success stories ranging from startups to seasoned entrepreneurial ventures. One company falls somewhere in between. Two members of the Big Easy Blends team, also known as Cordina, were named on Under30CEO’s list of 30 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs of 2012.

Antonio LaMartina (and Sal LaMartina if he was under 30) and Craig Cordes made the Under30CEO list this year, ranking among other big names like Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger from Instagram.

The company has grown from a New Orleans favorite to an internationally recognized brand. In 2012 they produced over 1.2 million cases of their products, including the original Mar-GO-rita and Pina-GO-lada. The year’s revenue topped $27 million.

Under30CEO says all of the founders and CEOs are, “running incredible ventures that have taken a lot of sacrifice and hard work to get to where they are today.”

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