NOLA Meetup Preview: Travis Laurendine and Cheesesteaks

nola meetup kooziesWe are one day away from the sixth NOLA Meetup, meaning time has flown by since September and we are still going strong. Tomorrow, February 19th, 2013 at Lucy’s from 6:00 to 8:00pm will be the event that runs as usual, with a twist. Travis Laurendine from Codemkrs and Whale Tank will be there to speak and Liberty Cheesesteaks will be providing the food — cheesesteaks, of course.

Our unique sponsor this week is Liberty Cheesesteaks, a newly opened cheesesteak company that is “Philly Grown, NOLA Home.” Founder Mike Casey has gracious decided to provide cheesesteaks for all NOLA Meetup attendees. His Philadelphia roots mean we are in for a delicious treat! Liberty had its “soft” opening yesterday so you can try them out for yourselves before (and after) the upcoming Meetup.

Many of you know Travis through the hackathon Codemkrs or the most recent event he hosted, the pitch competition Whale Tank. He is also the Founder of Volnado, a company focused on sustainable monetization of the artist-fan relationship. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he will be speaking about the rise of the technology ecosystem and share how he wants to make tech more respected in New Orleans through his ventures.

Also, there is an interesting project in the works. Chief Serpas of the New Orleans Police Department wants to improve perception of the NOPD by making it easier for someone to provide feedback on an interaction with a police officer by better utilizing technology. A few New Orleans tech entrepreneurs are working on proposal for that very purpose. These will be presented tomorrow at the Meetup.

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