BioDistrict to Host First Webcast in Series Showcasing Exemplary Projects

BioDistrict WebcastTomorrow, Wednesday February 27th at 12:00 pm, the BioDistrict New Orleans will be hosting a webcast, the first in a series designed to, “showcase the exemplary projects taking place within the district.”

Eric Kavanagh, CEO at the Bloor Group, will be the host of the webcast. Special guest Dr. Anjum Khurshid, director of the Crescent City Beacon Community program, will kick off the program as part of the Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange (HIE).

According to City Business, Dr. Khurshid will discuss how clinicians and medical researchers can use an exchange to organize patient information and track health trends.

Over 1,100 residents have already signed up for this program and the HIE has more than 175,000 patient records on file. It has been reported that there are 23 participating hospitals and clinics in the New Orleans network so far.

Click here to register. If you are going to miss the noon webcast, you can find all recorded webcasts in the series archived here.